Sarah Weerth Pinkerton | A design life revealed.


See Three Studios is the design life of Sarah Weerth Pinkerton, a California-born artist and illustrator who calls Bucerías, Mexico home. Sarah received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has been a freelance designer/illustrator and teaching artist ever since. She currently works in a digital mixed media style - with collage & printmaking her go-to analog mediums.

See Three Studios | What's in a name?

a play on words:
collected, cloned, captured
creativity, community, collaboration

a play on ideas:
third eye, mind's eye
perception, openness, imagination


"As a teaching artist I am on a mission to create opportunities to explore the collision of art, history and culture. My role is to guide others to interpret their world, cultivate discussions, and in return, inspire their community. The studio, no matter its form, is a venue to be an active participant rather than a passive recipient of the images and messages that bombard us on a daily basis."